As a service provider we offer our long standing knowledge as planning instruments and practical help. Our range of performance includes:


- Heat-, power- plant development  
- Thermic demand analysis and planning  
- Design for furnace-systems of solid, liquid and gaseous burnables, biomass  
- Refuse-, residual waste burning, special fuels, pyrolysis  
- Layout for heat recovery plants: steam - hot water boiler, heat exchanger, htf-systems  
- Use of energy: current and distance heat production  
- Licensing procedures  
- Authorisation  


- Development of adapted furnace systems, burner construction  
- Planning of retaining systems: wet-, dry-sorption, filter and membrane technique  
- Unit processing  
- Automation, measure- and control technique  
- Special applications: e.g. inert gas generation, production of activated carbon  
- Retrofitting, optimization of plants, plant tuning  
- Supervision of works, startup and -support, commissioning  
- Engineering of heat exchangers