Hot gas generator equipped for vacuum or pressure operation
Structural shape:   Horizontal or vertical
Brennstoffe:   Fuel oil extra light or heavy oil, as well as various burnable gases


Capacity:   0,5 - 50 MW
Temperature:   80 - 800 °C / bis 900°C in all steel design / up to 1600°C in fire proof lining
Alternative burner type:   Mono- Duobloc
Range of control:   max. 1:10 modulating control
Advantages:   Compact design, low heat accumulation, fast change of load, short availability, option for preheating of combustion air.

Combustion chamber for process energy:  


Open exhaust combustion chamber for pendulum mill:  

Test plant combustion for light fuel oil with compact design, max operating temperature: 1000°C:  

Test plant combustion für turbine test:

Max op. press 4barg
Max op. temp 1200°C