Dual fuel burner: For fluid and gaseous fuels.

  With the option of combustion air preheating. Alternative- and parallel-operation of fuels is possible.

Application area: Steam production, HTF systems, crushing- and drying systems

  Operation with special combustibles, high turn down ratio

Capacity:  0,1 - 25 MW

Temperature: 100 - 1800°C
Natural gas operation:
  Mehrstoffbrenner: Coal dust, wood dust, fuel oil, natural gas, industrial residues

Shaped as a three-duct burner, an alternative or parallel operation of the different fuel is possible. Conditioning of body temperatures of furnance with flue gas cycling and grading air to prevent NOx and slagging.

Safety standards EN746, special standards with NFPA-Code or RTN possible by request.

Application: Drying, steam production


Capacity: 0,1 - 30 MW
Temperature: 1000 - 1200°C